Surprising Ways You Might Be Insured

Did you know you could have insurance in these surprising areas?

Everyone knows the basics. We need health and car insurance. If you own a home, you need homeowners insurance too. You’ve put a lot of thought into buying coverage for your business. There are some pretty hefty consequences for not being properly insured.

But these policies are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many things you can get insured for your home and business, though they may surprise you. You may even already be insured and not know it!

Hurricane Insurance, Insurance

As you may know, hurricane insurance is already a supplemental policy. It’s not covered on regular homeowners insurance. Now, you can get Hurricane PM insurance, which covers costs that your hurricane insurance may not be big enough to cover. So it’s insurance for your insurance.


If you are a high profile person, or just travel a lot, you may consider ransom insurance being added to your professional liability insurance. It can cover ransom money asked for by your kidnappers.

Rotten Veggies

If you own a business with perishable goods like flowers, food, tobacco, etc., you may want to get Spoilage Coverage. You can add it to your Commercial Property Insurance to replace spoiled goods if your fridge goes out due to a power outage or malfunction. Be careful, because you may have to prove that you didn’t neglect to take care of or replace the fridge.

Your homeowners insurance likely already offers about $500 of coverage for food spoiled in your fridge during an extended power outage!

Losing a Big Player

You own a business, and one of your employees is worth more than just what their job description entails. They are a key player and losing them could mean a severe loss of knowledge, expertise, and great support. You can have your business covered if that person should become ill or pass away to cover losses your business might incur because of their absence.

To learn more about the different ways your insurance policies are protecting you, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency in California.

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