Insurance Discounts for Going Green

These discounts will help you save green while going green.

Going green has quickly become a way of life. From reusable bags at the grocery store to hybrid vehicles, you can be more environmentally friendly in almost every aspect of your life. Not only can going green help the planet, but it can also help you save money. Consider these green insurance policies that can help you start saving some green.

For your home:

  • If your home meets the stringent standards for sustainability and efficiency laid out by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System, or LEED, you can benefit from home insurance premium discounts.
  • Homeowners who generate their own solar, geothermal, or wind power and sell their excess power back to the local power grid can get their utility charges covered.
  • Replacing certain systems or materials with eco-friendly options can lead to a discount on your home insurance policy. You may also get a discount if you replace your old, outdated appliances with new, Energy Star rated models.

For your vehicle:

  • If you drive a car that uses an alternative fuel, such as electricity, biodiesel, natural gas, ethanol, or hydrogen, you may be able to start enjoying a discount.
  • Hybrid vehicle owners can benefit from a discount of up to 10 percent on their auto insurance rates. These discounts may even apply to your hybrid-electric boat.
  • Pay as you drive (PAYD) programs are offered by various insurance companies and will track your speed and the number of miles that you drive each day. That information will then be used to help determine your auto insurance costs and any possible discounts. If you’re going green by biking or walking, this can help you save!

For all of your insurance coverage needs, whether you are ready to make the jump to being more eco-friendly or not, contact the insurance professionals at Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We can help you find the right California insurance policies, all at the right price.

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