Stop Water Damage Expense Before It Starts With This Guide & Homeowners Insurance

Use these tips and your CA homeowners insurance to avoid water damage expense.

Water damage can be a serious hassle. Even a small leak can spike your water bill and have you reaching for the mop. More water damage is even more problematic – and expensive. Just an inch of water in your home can easily do tens of thousands of dollars of damage. Are you ready to handle the cost of replacing your flooring and personal belongings and drying out your walls? You won’t have to be with this water damage prevention guide and your CA homeowners insurance!

  • Look for hidden leaks. While you may not be able to spot them right away, you can get tipped off to them by keeping an eye on your water bill. If you see your bill start to climb or are suddenly hit with a higher-than-usual total, odds are you’ve got a leak.
  • Clean out your gutters! It’s simple, but having cleared gutters makes it possible for rain to run off your home through the right channels, instead of down your walls and into your foundation.
  • Watch where you plant certain things. Weeping willows are a great example of a tree of which you should be wary. Their invasive roots an infamous for growing straight through pipes, sprinkler systems, and even septic tanks. Do your homework before planting to make sure you avoid this kind of issue.
  • Take care of your pipes. Stay away from drain unclogging chemicals, which can damage them, and instead choose to use a drain snake. Also, avoid pouring grease down your sink at all costs!

The good news? Even if you do experience water damage, your homeowners insurance could cover it! To figure out exactly how much water damage your policy offers – and if it’s enough – contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. As California homeowners insurance experts, we can protect you against water damage costs and other unforeseen financial burdens!

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