Preparing Your California Home For The Fall Season

The California homeowners guide to getting their home ready for the coming cold.

Can you believe September’s almost already over? If the end of this month snuck up on you the way it did us, you might find yourself scrambling to get your house ready for the coming colder seasons.

We can help! To make maintaining and preparing your home for winter easy this fall, use these handy tips.

  • Clear Your Water Heater: What’s better than a hot shower after being out in the cold air? To make sure you can enjoy that feeling this winter, drain your water heater and clear out any debris that’s collected.
  • Seal It Up: Check your doors and windows for any cracks that will let hot air out, increasing your heating bill and your home’s chill. When you find them, seal them up.
  • Clean Your Gutters: With the winter comes an increase in precipitation. Make sure your home can handle it by cleaning out your gutters and drainpipes. Double-check that all of your downspouts are still pouring down a grade away from your foundation.
  • Get Your Chimney Inspected: Don’t try to clean your chimney yourself; have a professional come out and handle the job for you. While you have him or her there, make sure the damper gets checked so you can seal out cold winter drafts.

Another crucial aspect of preparing your home for the coming season is reviewing your homeowners insurance coverage. Do you have the right policy to protect your home? To make sure you do, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. Our committed California team can help you get the right coverage to fully safeguard your home this fall and throughout the rest of the year.

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