Car Insurance Discounts For Senior Drivers

Senior drivers, you can save on your car insurance with these discounts!

Your parents might not have told you, but they paid a pretty penny for your car insurance when you were a teen. Because teen drivers are inexperienced, they’re riskier for insurers to cover. They pass that risk along to parents in the form of higher premiums.

It makes sense, then, that as you gain experience behind the wheel you would pay less for your coverage. We want to help you save as much as possible for all of your years on the road, so we’ve collected some of the best car insurance discounts for a senior driver.

  • Mature Driver: Ask your insurer at which age they shave a specific percentage off your premiums. Most providers have a certain age in mind, and once you hit it you automatically qualify for this discount.
  • Driving Course: If you take a safe driving course offered to senior drivers (the AARP offers them all over the country), you can shave down your premiums.
  • Low Mileage: If you’re not driving as much as you used to, you might be able to save. Some insurers will offer a significant discount if you drive fewer than a certain number of miles each month.
  • Membership: Are you a member of the AARP or another senior organization? If so, tell your insurance provider. Most of them offer certain discounts to people with these types of group memberships.

Want to save more on your California coverage? To talk to a car insurance agency that will work hard to dig out all of the discounts for which you apply, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We know that every senior driver deserves to save big, and are here to help you do just that!

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