The Many Risks Of Being Uninsured

The True Cost Of Being Uninsured

If you are looking for ways to save money, you may be thinking of slashing your insurance coverage. You could pocket the money you are currently putting towards your premiums, right? Possibly, but that is only assuming you never get into a car accident, get sick, face a house fire, or find yourself in another expensive unexpected situation. While you know the cost of your insurance coverage, have you considered the cost of being uninsured? Here is a look at the many risks of being uninsured.

  • Financial: We alluded to it above, but by foregoing insurance you put yourself in the path of serious money troubles. Say, for example, that a major storm sweeps through your area and significantly damages your home. Without homeowners insurance, you have to figure out how to not just pay to rebuild your home, but also how to replace all of the personal property you had stored inside, including expensive electronics, art, and jewelry. Are you ready for that kind of expense?
  • Health: Without health insurance, you are not just breaking the law, you are also putting your health at risk. Without health coverage, you are not nearly as likely to go in for a standard check up, and will be missing out on potentially lifesaving preventative care.
  • Friends & Family: If you find yourself facing a financial burden you cannot bear, it could trickle over to your loved ones. Beyond putting your immediate family in dire financial straits, going uninsured can leave everyone close to you feeling stressed for you.

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