Workers’ Compensation Savings For Small Businesses

How To: Save On Your Workers’ Compensation

As a business owner, you know that workers’ compensation is important. Not only does it protect your workforce—ensuring they get the medical care and lost wages reimbursements they need to maintain their quality of life—but it is also crucial for your business. This coverage helps you take care of your team without compromising your bottom line.

That does not mean you want to pay a pricey premium, though. Here is a quick guide on how to save on your workers’ compensation.

  • Get Grouped: Group rates can help you get significant savings on your workers’ comp coverage. If your business is not large enough to qualify for this type of coverage on its own, consider joining a trade association with at least 300 members or asking a couple of other businesses with similar risks to join with you in securing coverage.
  • Support Safety: California requires you to have a written safety program. Why not show it to your insurer—along with documentation about your regular safety trainings—to let them know how much you prioritize safeguarding your staff. Informing your insurer that you are making strides towards minimizing workplace accidents can help you save.
  • Prepare Programs: Certain programs—like a substance-free workplace program or return-to-work program—can help your employees minimize injury times and injuries themselves. By implementing these types of programs to help your workforce stay safe on the jobsite and protect their health if an injury does occur, you can show your insurer you are actively reducing your risk and their costs, which should lower your premiums.

Want to talk to an insurance expert about how to keep your workers’ compensation as affordable as possible? Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency today! As California business insurance experts, our dedicated team is standing ready to help you get the best workers’ comp at the best price.

Water Safety Tips For Your Summer

Protect Your Summer With Water Safety

The summer is heating up here in California, and you are probably looking for a way to take advantage of the summer season. The good news is that heading to the water can give you a reprieve from the heat while you enjoy the sun’s rays. So that you can enjoy your time by the water without stress, here is a quick guide to staying safe by the water this summer.

  • At The Beach: Be aware that at the beach, there are rip currents that could put even the most experienced swimmer in a dangerous situation. Never swim too far from the shore. The beach may seem like the perfect place to lay out and get a tan, but this could expose you to the sun’s harmful rays. Make sure you regularly seek out shade (an umbrella will help!) and reapply your sunscreen as needed.
  • On The Lake: You may think that a swim in the lake is just like a lap in the pool, but the moving water will tire you out more quickly than the pool would. Do not push your limits when in the lake. If you will be boating, make sure there is a designated driver who can safely drive everyone home and that every passenger has—and actually wears—a lifejacket.
  • By The River: With the runoff as the summer heats up, lots of rivers are moving very quickly right now. Never swim in the river without someone to keep an eye on you. Also, make sure you do not swallow any water to avoid waterborne illnesses.

We hope this water recreation safety guide helps you safely enjoy your summer! To offer your family even more safety, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency to put the best California coverage in place to protect you this summer and beyond.

Your Guide To Motorcycle Riding Gear

Motorcycle Riders: Read This Gear Guide

Your motorcycle is an amazing machine. It lets you navigate tight spaces and heavy traffic. It uses minimal gas. It lets you feel the fresh air and sunshine. For all of these reasons, though, your motorcycle is also compact and exposes you to the environment around you. To avoid a serious injury, you need to wear the right pieces to protect your body. Here is a quick guide to the motorcycle riding gear you need.

  • Helmet: It should come as no surprise that you need to protect your head when flying down the freeway. Helmets reduce your risk for head injury by nearly 70 percent, so they are crucial. Choose a full-face helmet that properly fits and has been approved by the Department of Transportation to best protect your important brain.
  • Jacket: Your jacket will not only protect your skin from serious road rash, it can also protect your internal organs! Look for a jacket that has CE rated body armor but still allows your full range of motion. You might want to choose one that has ventilation so you will not be tempted to skip it on sunny California days.
  • Gloves: When your bike gets away from you, your natural reaction is to put out your hand to steady yourself. Protect your hands against this possibility—plus the very present hazards of wind and water—by investing in good motorcycle gloves. The right ones should include water resistant material, armor that protects your knuckles and palms, and a retention strap to keep your glove on should you need it.

Another crucial part of protecting yourself while on your motorcycle is carrying the right motorcycle insurance. Are you protected out on the road? To learn about the California coverage you need, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency today.

Protect Your Home: Theft Prevention & Homeowners Insurance

Your Guide To Deterring Thieves

Property crimes are unfortunately common. Even though we see our homes as places of safety, ideally protecting us, our families, and personal belongings from the dangers of the world around us, they can be compromised by burglars if we do not take steps to avoid this. To help you keep your home, your family, and your belongings safe, here are a few theft prevention tips to employ.

  • Check Your Locks: If you do not have locks on every single door and window in your home (yes, even those on the second or third story), install them right away. Thieves have been known to grab the ladder from your backyard—or even your neighbor’s—to access upper stories of the home. Make sure all of your existing locks are sturdy and that everyone in your family uses them.
  • Trim Your Yard: The more overhanging tree limbs and overgrown bushes you have in your yard, the more opportunities you are offering burglars to hide in the shadows as they check out your house. Keep your landscaping tight to ensure you are not offering any extra opportunities to thieves.
  • Light Your House: Similarly, by installing lights along your home’s walkways, on your porch, and throughout your yard, you make your home look less enticing to potential robbers. Inexpensive, solar-powered lights are a great solution to your property’s dark areas.

Of course, even with all of these efforts a clever thief could make it into your home. To make sure he or she does not make away with your quality of life, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency. We are here to help you put the right California homeowners insurance in place to protect all of your personal property. Call us today to get a policy that will thwart any thief!