Identity Theft Prevention 101

Ensuring Your Identity Is Protected From The Cyber World

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, nearly everyone has experienced a stolen identity. As identity theft continues to grow in commonality and as we become more and more dependent on technology, it is important that you learn of ways in which you can avoid this common occurrence.

Ways To Prevent Identity Theft:

  • While you may think that it is smart to have all important documentation on you at all times in case you need to retrieve information, this is extremely dangerous and leaves you especially vulnerable to identity theft. Unpack your wallet or purse or all important documents that you do not need on a daily basis.
  • You must be careful of shoulder surfers. This includes when you are entering your PIN at a public place to make a payment.
  • How often do you check your bank statements? This is one of the most important things you can do as it will allow you to detect any problems as soon as they occur. Informing your bank or credit company right when you see one suspicious charge will ensure that you do not become responsible for the charges and you can cancel your cards to avoid additional charges.
  • While you may see no harm in leaving your mail sit in the mailbox each week and only collecting it periodically, this leaves you extremely vulnerable to identity theft.
  • Each homeowner should have a paper shredder in their house so that they can properly dispose of documents with sensitive information on them. Despite popular action, simply shredding them by hand may not do the trick.

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