Ensuring Your Water Oasis Is Protected

As you prepare for summer’s arrival and the excitement builds as you send out invitations for pool parties at your house, it is important that you consider ways in which you can reduce your liabilities. Unfortunately your water oasis comes with unique vulnerabilities that you must account for. First, you must obtain the necessary swimming pool insurance in California, and then you must implement the following safety measures.

Pool Safety Tips:

  • Precautionary measures are extremely important in ensuring your pool does not leave you vulnerable to litigious action. By installing a four foot fence with a self-latching gate, you can help to enhance safety in and around your swimming pool. You can also take extra measures and buy a surface alarm that lets you know when a breach has occurred.
  • Did you know that you are liable for any injuries or accidents that take place in your pool? Yes, even if someone jumps your fence and suffers from an injury after enjoying an unsupervised and unwelcomed dip.
  • Most importantly, set some sound ground rules. These rules should include no running, no swimming while unsupervised, and no diving.

Pool Safety Toolkit:

  • Make sure that you have a stocked first aid kit on deck for emergency situations.
  • You should also have a portable telephone to call 911 so that you do not have to run inside to grab a phone if there is an accident that needs tending to.
  • A flotation device is a must! This will help you save someone that is in trouble.
  • You should also have a pair of strong scissors in your pool safety toolkit so that you can help someone if their hair, clothing, or the pool cover gets caught and creates a dangerous situation.

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