Could Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Protect You?

Protecting You On The Road, And By Its Side

Your auto insurance is here to protect you if your car gets stolen, you get into an accident, your car is vandalized, or another covered mishap happens. Yet, you still seem to be shelling out for your car every time you have to take it to the auto body shop. Sure, you accepted the new car warranty your dealership offered you when you purchased your vehicle. Inevitably, though, a short time after that warranty expires something goes wrong with your car. How do you avoid this expense?

Fortunately, there is a way you can protect your pocketbook against the hefty cost of a breakdown. Mechanical breakdown insurance will protect you in a way similar to an extended warranty, but with a few notable differences. First off, rather than having to pay a big lump sum at one time, you can space out the cost as you pay your monthly premiums. Secondly, mechanical breakdown insurance covers all of the parts and systems of your car instead of just the specifics listed in your warranty from your dealer. Finally, with this coverage you can get your car repaired whenever you like. Something sounds funny to you? Bring it in to the shop, without a worry about the cost.

Mechanical breakdown insurance ensures that you will be protected by your coverage not just while you are on the road, but also if you are pulled over on the side, broken down.

Your car is an important piece of maintaining your quality of life, as it allows you to get around when you need. To protect it with great auto insurance, including mechanical breakdown insurance, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency in California. We are here to help you get the coverage you need to know that you will be protected no matter what lies on the road ahead.

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