Celebrating Women’s History Month

March Is The Time To Recognize Women Who Have Served Us

Whether it is your mother, your sister, your friend, your colleague, or your boss, you likely have a woman in your life that you respect and for whom you are grateful. March is a great time to vocalize your feeling, as it marks Women’s History Month.

A fairly recent innovation, the United States has only been celebrating Women’s History Month for two decades. In that time, major supporters have come on board to encourage the celebration of the important female figures of yesterday and today. The Smithsonian Institute, National Park Service, National Gallery of Art, Library of Congress, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Endowment for the Humanities, and U.S. National Archives and Records Administration all recognize this important month.

March brings a unique opportunity to educate our children and ourselves about the important women from history and how their contributions affect us today. Can your child name one suffragette? Five female politicians? Can you? Take advantage of the month to become more educated about what women have done to advance our society and our world.

Even in today’s progressive America, data reveals that women are still paid less than men for performing the same jobs. We have come a long way towards gender equality, but there is still a road ahead. In your workplace and your home, be aware of the way that preconceived gender notions affect your behavior. Together, we can get one month closer to a world in which every person has equal opportunity for success and happiness.

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