Make The Most Of Your Spring Cleaning

The Guide To Freshening Your Home This Spring

As we say goodbye to winter (albeit a fortunately mild one for us Californians), we get to throw open the windows of our homes and quite literally shake off the dust of the winter. So you can get the most of your spring-cleaning and home maintenance, use this brief guide.

  • Stainless Steel: Clean and protect your stainless steel with a wax-based aerosol spray. Continue to mist your stainless steel with this product once a week throughout the year to keep it gleaming.
  • Closet Organization: Use the new season to rearrange your closet, pulling out your summer clothes and packing up your winter sweaters. Get rid of any clothing you have not worn in the last year, and donate the clothes to a local charity.
  • Painted Walls: Before you get out your paint bucket and drop cloth, try to address the stains on your painted walls with a clean cloth moistened with water and a little dishwashing liquid. Try to stay away from stronger stain removers, which have solvents and can damage your paint.
  • Carpet: Do not forget to change the filter on your vacuum before you start cleaning your carpet, as a dirty filter will just blow grime back into the air. Spot treat stains in your carpet as you move vacuuming from room to room.
  • Tile: You can create your own neutral pH solution at home to properly clean and care for your tile. Just mix ½ cup of baking soda into two gallons of water. This mixture is ideal for getting tile clean without damaging it.

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The Reality Of Renters Insurance

Do You Need This Kind Of Coverage?

When you rent, you do not have as many worries about your property as a homeowner. If your shower clogs, or your oven breaks, or your neighbors are being too noisy, all you have to do is pick up the phone and have someone else handle the issue for you. Just because you do not have to worry about maintaining the property on which you live does not mean you should not worry about the personal property you store in it, though.

As a renter, you can rest easy knowing your rental property would be rebuilt after a fire because it is covered by your landlord’s insurance coverage. If that fire crept into your unit and touched your belongings, though, your landlord’s coverage will not extend to replace or repair your possessions.

Consequently, it is important to carry renters insurance. This kind of coverage is very affordable (usually between $15 and $30 a month, depending on how much property you have to cover) and will offer protection for your personal property. That means that a thief breaking in and swiping all of your valuables will not leave you facing a financial deficit. Have you protected your possessions with renters insurance?

There is an additional benefit of this type of coverage. Renters insurance also offers liability coverage, which means that a guest getting injured in your rental will not end up being a huge legal expense for you if they decide to sue you. Protect yourself from being held responsible after an injury with renters insurance.

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Celebrating Women’s History Month

March Is The Time To Recognize Women Who Have Served Us

Whether it is your mother, your sister, your friend, your colleague, or your boss, you likely have a woman in your life that you respect and for whom you are grateful. March is a great time to vocalize your feeling, as it marks Women’s History Month.

A fairly recent innovation, the United States has only been celebrating Women’s History Month for two decades. In that time, major supporters have come on board to encourage the celebration of the important female figures of yesterday and today. The Smithsonian Institute, National Park Service, National Gallery of Art, Library of Congress, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Endowment for the Humanities, and U.S. National Archives and Records Administration all recognize this important month.

March brings a unique opportunity to educate our children and ourselves about the important women from history and how their contributions affect us today. Can your child name one suffragette? Five female politicians? Can you? Take advantage of the month to become more educated about what women have done to advance our society and our world.

Even in today’s progressive America, data reveals that women are still paid less than men for performing the same jobs. We have come a long way towards gender equality, but there is still a road ahead. In your workplace and your home, be aware of the way that preconceived gender notions affect your behavior. Together, we can get one month closer to a world in which every person has equal opportunity for success and happiness.

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Pad Your Pocket With These Auto Insurance Tips

A Quick Guide To Maximizing Your Savings

Adulthood and bills seem to go hand in hand, but that does not mean you have to put all your fun money towards your responsibilities. You can keep more cash in your piggy bank by utilizing a few money saving tips when it comes to your auto insurance. To help you save:

  • Get To Class: Ask your insurance provider if taking a safe driving course could qualify you for savings. A quick trip back to school could be well worth your while in lowering your premiums month after month.
  • Get Tech-ed Out: Installing safety features in your car will not just protect your loved ones; it can also protect your pocketbook. If your car has airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft systems, or other safety features, let your insurance agent know. They will likely qualify you for discounts.
  • Get Organized: Statistically speaking, your car is at less risk for being damaged or getting stolen if it is parked in a garage. Take the time to clean out your garage so you can leave your car in safety overnight, and you will likely see savings on your insurance bill.
  • Get Shopping: Compare quotes from multiple insurance providers to ensure you are not overpaying for the coverage you need. By working with an independent agency, you can have an insurance expert do that work for you. Whether you use an agent or do it yourself, shopping around will help you find the best policy for the best price.

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