Tips For Insuring Your Holiday Gifts

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage

As you enjoy looking lavish in your new expensive gifts and your children continue running around the house playing with their new holiday gifts, it becomes increasingly more important that you add insuring your holiday gifts to your to-do-list. Many individuals fail to realize the importance of this task, assuming they have coverage through their homeowners insurance policy.

In reality, your homeowners insurance policy comes with a limited amount of coverage for your personal belongings, therefore, you may find out that you are lacking coverage when you are in need of it most. Imagine the terror of purchasing a brand new gaming console for your children only to have it ransacked by a criminal who noticed the Xbox packaging in your dumpster. Not only would you be short the money spent on the console, but you would also have to file a homeowners insurance claim.

Scheduled personal property coverage provides homeowners with a logical solution to insuring valuables. Each scheduled item under this form of coverage will be appraised by a professional, so that your insurance provider can reimburse you for any losses at replacement cost value. This means that the depreciation of the item will not be calculated when it comes time to reimburse you for a loss.

Items worth scheduling include but are not limited to fire arms, family heirlooms, jewelry, collectibles, electronics, and fine art. Through this form of coverage, items are replaced to you whenever they are damaged, stolen, or simply misplaced.

If you are ready to start insuring your valuables for what they are worth, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency for all of your California homeowners insurance needs. We can add scheduled personal property coverage to your policy so that insuring valuables becomes a simple task.

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