Must-Know Information Regarding Safety Recalls

The recent mass safety recall of millions of cars with faulty air bags has many motorists wondering how to appropriately handle car recalls. Rather than panicking, simply take a deep breath and follow the guidelines on the safety recall notice. We want you to feel at ease when handling this common situation, which is why we have gathered all the must-know information regarding safety recalls:

Car recalls mean a problem has been detected, and the dealer or manufacturer has a plan for how to fix the problem. Recalls are typically handled in three ways. You will either have the part repaired, replaced, or you will receive reimbursement for the faulty item. This direction will allow you to determine your next course of action.

  • While you may be inclined to worry about how this recall will affect your auto insurance premium, it is important to realize that as long as you follow the directions of the recall notice, you will not receive negative penalties. In fact, if the recall streamlines on the headlines in the media, you may end up receiving a discount on your auto insurance premium. Often, mass recalls that hit the headlines decrease the value of your car, meaning a less expensive replacement cost value.
  • The only way a safety recall can negatively impact your auto insurance premium is if you ignore the notice altogether. For example, if your recalled airbag ends up causing serious injury to a passenger in your car because you failed to tend to the recall, you may be held liable for the damages and injuries inflicted.

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