Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

Identity theft is becoming a common problem in today’s society. Unfortunately, as technology advances, so do the minds and capabilities of cyber attackers and hackers. These criminals have become skilled in password guessing and privacy invasion. Gathered are some helpful tips for preventing identity theft, so that you and your identity can feel confident in your security:

  • One of the most vital steps in protecting your identity is password protection. Criminals know the common combinations that make up most passwords, stressing the importance of choosing a unique password that does not have connections to your middle name, high school jersey number, street address, pet’s name, etc. We recommend combining letters, numbers, unique words, symbols, and both capital and lower case letters to deter criminals. For example, “B0ot$!” would be a clever password that would be difficult to guess.
  • Protection starts with the security of the technology you store and access your sensitive data on. There are a variety of software programs you can install into your devices that will actually safeguard your identity to the fullest. If you are not sure which software to download, ask a computer retailer for their professional advice.
  • Stop traveling with your sensitive information! How many rarely used credit cards can be found in your wallet? Do a thorough cleaning of your wallet and take out anything that holds your sensitive information but does not need to be carried around with you.
  • It is imperative that you invest in a water shredder so that all sensitive documents can be disposed of properly. This will ensure that your information does not get in the wrong hands.

We hope these helpful tips assist in avoiding identity theft, but often there is nothing you can do to prevent such an occurrence. If you suspect that your identity has been stolen, do not hesitate to ask us for professional advice and assistance. Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency in Murrieta for all of your California insurance needs.

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