Happy Halloween! Homemade Costume Ideas & Safety Tips!

Happy Halloween from the Stromsoe Insurance Agency Team! With Halloween just a little over a week away, you may be rushing to get the right costume together for your kiddos. We understand this transition into the holiday season can be both an exciting and overwhelming time for parents, which is why we have gathered some Halloween costume ideas for you to try, as well as trick or treating safety tips so that you can have the perfect Halloween with your family:

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Mary had a little lamb: Simply dress your little tike in all black and then use fabric glue to attach cotton balls to their black leotard. You can quickly make the ears out of black felt.
  • Raining cats and dogs: Pick up a clear umbrella from your local store and use black cat and black dog stickers to cover the umbrella. Dress your kiddo up in their raincoat and rain boots and the look is perfected!
  • A vine of grapes: Simply pick up a bag of purple balloons filled up and use glue to cover your child in them.

Trick or Treating Safety Tips:

  • Always look both ways before crossing and be aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Bring your cell phone with you just in case of an emergency, but do not make it a distraction.
  • Make sure that your child’s costume is made of nonflammable material and that vision is not obstructed. You may want to indulge in face paint to avoid costume masks. However, make sure that you test the face paint on a more remote location of their body to avoid an allergic reaction.

Happy Halloween from the Stromsoe Insurance Agency Team! Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency in Murrieta for all of your California insurance needs. We will go above and beyond to insure every corner of your world!

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