Best 5 Charities to Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it becomes increasingly more important that individuals and organizations continue to strive and make a difference. When it comes to charities making a difference in realms of breast cancer awareness, it is important that not only the funds raised are measured, but also how the funds are used is analyzed. With around 200,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States annually, it is imperative that these charities are making the lives of those affected by breast cancer more purposeful and manageable. Gathered is a list of 5 breast cancer charities that go above and beyond to make notable impacts on the lives of those affected by breast cancer:

  1. Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Established in 1982, this is one of the most recognized breast cancer charities that impresses year after year. Dedicating only 6.3% of funds raised to administrative costs, this charity put 82.3% of funds raised in the 2013 fiscal year towards funding research, screening, treatment programs, and education.
  2. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation – Since this charity was founded in 1993, over $220 million has been raised. All funds raised go towards discovering innovational, clinical and translational research opportunities, at a variety of international medical centers. Additionally, the charity strives to increase public awareness of early detection and overall breast health.
  3. Living Beyond Breast Cancer – This charity works directly with those recently diagnosed with breast cancer, educating them and supporting them in their journey. Both patients and healthcare professionals benefit from the free webinars, community outreach programs, newsletters, podcasts, and national conferences put on by this charity.
  4. National Breast Cancer Foundation – This reputable charity provides affordable solutions for mammograms for women who are financially limited to these resources. This charity works on the fact that early detection is key in conquering this disease.
  5. – This charity provides those affected by breast cancer with easily accessible information, regarding some of the most trying decisions you will have to make.

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