Off Road Vehicle Safety Tips

Off road vehicles yield plenty of fun and an array of dangers at the same time. Off road vehicles allow you to enjoy areas that are inaccessible by car. However, if you will be enjoying the many benefits of off road vehicles, you must be prepared to follow the basic safety precautions. Compiled is a list of off road vehicle safety tips for you to remain safe during your travels:

  • If you will be taking on a local trail in your off road vehicle, it is important that you begin by researching the local laws and regulations. You will want to make an effort to preserve the local area by following all rules and suggestions.
  • Whether you are taking a short stroll around the neighborhood or embarking on a 23-mile trail, you must always be equipped with DOT-approved motorcycle gear. This includes a helmet, eye protection, leathers, over-the-ankle boots, and gloves. Without the right gear, you leave your most important asset vulnerable to harm.
  • No matter how many times we hear it, we somehow seem to always forget – Practice makes perfect. You should find a safe place to practice your braking and turning skills. The more you practice, the safer you will be during your 23-mile journey through the trails.
  • You may want to take a defensive driving course for the extra knowledge and to perhaps land an insurance discount.
  • As tempting as it may be, refrain from driving on paved roads. Your off road vehicle was not built for the paved roads and can prove to be a dangerous combination.
  • Most importantly, always be aware of your surroundings while on the roads or trails!

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