How To Lower The Cost Of Insuring Your Teen Driver

If you have a teenage driver on your hands, you know that your auto insurance premium is highly affected by adding them to your coverage. However, you don’t have to be emptying the bank account to insure your teen driver. Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to think about how you can save on your auto insurance.

As you watch your teen driver pull out of the driveway, you have a magnitude of worries crossing your mind. On top of worrying about their safety, you have to think about the costs associated with their new found freedom. The costs continue to build up as you purchase a car for them to drive, driving school, a driver’s license, and of course, their auto insurance. Many parents of new teen drivers fail to realize that they still have options to keep the costs low.

When choosing your teen driver’s first car, think about the insurance implications. Vehicles that require comprehensive and collision coverage will be more expensive to insure. If you purchase an older, yet reliable vehicle for your teen driver, you may only need to purchase liability insurance, keeping the costs down.

Additionally, you must take advantage of the discounts available to you. If your child takes additional driver’s education courses, they may be eligible to receive a discount. Is your child tired of hearing you encourage them to keep their grades up? You now have the luxury of saying that they will not be allowed to drive unless they maintain a B average. That way, they will be receiving the good student discount and your auto insurance premium will not be as high.

The insurance experts at Stromsoe Insurance Agency can answer any remaining questions you may have regarding insuring your teen driver. We can help you review your current policy and help you manage the cost of insuring your teen. Contact us today!

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