The Benefits Of Having An Independent Agent By Your Side During The Claims Process

Filing a claim is a notoriously stressful process. Insurance claims tend to be tied to the most stressful events in our lives, including auto accidents, home fires, storm damage, and even the death of a family member. With everything on your mind during this stressful time, it is imperative that you work with an insurance company and agent with whom you trust. During this time, you will want to work with an agent whom you have already developed a trusting relationship with. This person will be the one you call when life takes a turn for the worst.

After you file an insurance claim, you will work with an adjustor to evaluate your loss. Depending on the type of claim you are filing, the adjustor may need to examine your property or vehicle to gather necessary information. At this time, you will be offered a settlement amount, and the process to restore your loss will begin.

What happens if the process does not go so smoothly? What happens if the adjustor and you cannot agree on a settlement amount? What happens if you cannot provide the adjustor with the right documentation? Problems such as these are why you need to work with an insurance agent with whom you trust and know. As your agent, they will advocate on your behalf. If any problems arise, you can hand over the phone to your agent to communicate with the adjustor. When you need help, your agent will be right by your side.

Some insurance shoppers prefer to purchase insurance online to avoid talking to an agent, however, this is only setting you up for future problems. Yes, sometimes you may be able to get cheaper rates this way, however, you leave yourself susceptible to problems, and lack of personalized service.

The experienced agents at Stromsoe Insurance Agency want to be by your side during this stressful time of your life. Contact us today for all of your California insurance needs. You can start your long term relationship with an insurance agent who will always guide you through the most stressful moments of life.


Can I Insure My Vacant Property While I Wait To Sell?

Selling a home is a notoriously stressful and overwhelming process. The experience becomes even more trying if the home does not move quickly. You have landed a job near your new primary residence, therefore, you have no choice but to leave the home vacant until it sells. However, there are a variety of insurance implications that change when you leave a home vacant for a period of time, factors that leave you at risk. Compiled is a list of what you must know when it comes to leaving a home vacant:

  • There are a variety of factors that classify a home as vacant. Whenever the utilities have been shut off, the home is classified as vacant. Additionally, when there is not enough furniture for a reasonable person to reside in the home, the home is categorized as vacant.
  • Depending on your specific insurance provider, you may be denied of claims for a vacant property. Some insurance companies will even drop your policy altogether.
  • Since there are more opportunities for vandalism, theft, and fire when the home is vacant, insurance companies view this vacant property as a high risk.
  • In the event that your vacant property is vandalized, your insurance company may require you to pay out of pocket for the repairs.
  • Since requirements and details vary across insurance carriers, you must contact your agent to determine your next course of action when it comes to handling your vacant home. You will want to know exactly what coverage is included and what is excluded. Some companies will provide you with coverage at an escalated premium.
  • Your best course of action may be to purchase an endorsement for your homeowners’ insurance policy, extending coverage to your vacant property.

Often, selling a home does not follow the quick timeline you were planning for. If you may be forced to leave your home vacant for a period of time, contact the insurance experts at Stromsoe Insurance Agency to find out how we can best protect you, and your property.

Must-Know: Insuring Your College Student

Congratulations! Your child just received their acceptance letter to an accredited university! Now it is time to start planning the big move. Many parents fail to realize that sending their child off to college has a variety of insurance implications. In between determining how you will get all of your child’s belongings to their new home and planning their class schedule for their first college semester, you must keep these insurance factors in mind:

  • Will your child be bringing their car with them to college? Depending on the state in which they move to, you may notice a spike in your auto insurance premium. Encourage your child to maintain a B average in school and they will be eligible to receive the good student discount. Likewise, your child may be able to receive a discount for taking additional driver’s education classes.
  • Will your child be moving into a dorm this semester? If so, your homeowners’ insurance policy will likely extend to cover their personal belongings under property off premises coverage. You will want to speak with your insurance carrier about the deductible that would be applied to claims at this remote property.
  • Will your child be moving into an apartment near their near college? If so, your homeowners’ insurance will not cover their personal belongings. Therefore, you will need to purchase a renters’ insurance policy at a very affordable rate. A renters’ insurance policy will cover the contents within the property and liability coverage in the event that someone is injured on the property.

Schedule a review at Stromsoe Insurance Agency to make sure that your student is receiving all discounts that they qualify for. We want you to receive the peace of mind knowing your college student is safe when living away from home. Contact us today with all of your remaining questions regarding insuring your new college student.

August Home Maintenance To-Do-List

With summer’s end fast approaching, we must think about what home maintenance projects we can conduct to keep our homes in tip-top shape year round. While we still have a few summer days left to enjoy, we do not want you to go overboard trying to clean and maintain everything. Add these items to your August home maintenance to-do-list:

  • As allergy sneezes seem to be the soundtrack for your summer, start cleaning to prevent and eliminate allergens. Dust mites often cause allergies to peak during the summer months. Clean all surfaces where dust lurks, including the window blinds, fan blades, etc. If you have carpet in your home, make a conscious effort to vacuum regularly.
  • If you have taken advantage of the perfect weather conditions and have hosted multiple barbecue parties this summer, you will want to give the grill a good cleaning. Heat your grill for 10-15 minutes and burn off any remaining residue. Next, scrub the grill with a wire brush. If your grill does not have a cover, you will want to purchase one to keep it protected during the colder months.
  • Make sure to plan a special weekend for Labor Day – Okay, okay, this is not home maintenance, but it is still necessary! We celebrate Labor Day to honor the American workers that strive for success on a daily basis. So maybe put off cleaning the grill until after you throw a party for Labor Day with all of your friends and family. There is no better way to send off summer than with a barbecue party.

Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency today and allow us to formulate a unique homeowners’ insurance policy. We will look for every discount possible for you without sacrificing important coverage. Personalized insurance coverage is the best protection you can have.

How To Lower The Cost Of Insuring Your Teen Driver

If you have a teenage driver on your hands, you know that your auto insurance premium is highly affected by adding them to your coverage. However, you don’t have to be emptying the bank account to insure your teen driver. Back to school time is the perfect opportunity to think about how you can save on your auto insurance.

As you watch your teen driver pull out of the driveway, you have a magnitude of worries crossing your mind. On top of worrying about their safety, you have to think about the costs associated with their new found freedom. The costs continue to build up as you purchase a car for them to drive, driving school, a driver’s license, and of course, their auto insurance. Many parents of new teen drivers fail to realize that they still have options to keep the costs low.

When choosing your teen driver’s first car, think about the insurance implications. Vehicles that require comprehensive and collision coverage will be more expensive to insure. If you purchase an older, yet reliable vehicle for your teen driver, you may only need to purchase liability insurance, keeping the costs down.

Additionally, you must take advantage of the discounts available to you. If your child takes additional driver’s education courses, they may be eligible to receive a discount. Is your child tired of hearing you encourage them to keep their grades up? You now have the luxury of saying that they will not be allowed to drive unless they maintain a B average. That way, they will be receiving the good student discount and your auto insurance premium will not be as high.

The insurance experts at Stromsoe Insurance Agency can answer any remaining questions you may have regarding insuring your teen driver. We can help you review your current policy and help you manage the cost of insuring your teen. Contact us today!

Insuring Your College Student 101

As you plan to be an empty nester and send your child off to college, there are multiple steps you must take to make the transition a smooth one. Many parents forget to consider how they will insure all the valuables their child brings with them to college. There are a variety of insurance options you can choose from when it comes to insuring your college student’s belongings while away from home.

Homeowners’ Insurance

If your child will be living on a college-owned property or in a dorm, their possessions will likely be covered under your existing homeowners’ insurance policy. However, typical homeowners’ insurance policies only cover 10% of the policy’s coverage for those personal belongings. That means that you will only receive $10,000 of coverage if your policy covers contents for $100,000. You can also expect to pay a deductible for this coverage.

Renters’ Insurance

Whenever your child lives on a non-college-owned property, your homeowners’ insurance will not cover their belongings. Therefore, you will need to purchase a renters’ insurance policy. This is one of the least expensive insurance policies and will provide them with sufficient coverage to protect their valuables.

Student Policies

Depending on your insurance provider, you may be able to purchase a student policy, known as a specialized property insurance policy. This applies to students who live in dorms, in an apartment, in a college-owned property, or studying abroad. This inexpensive insurance option will offer you the peace of mind knowing your child’s valuables are protected if they are stolen or damaged from one of the covered perils.

At Stromsoe Insurance Agency, we can help you determine the best insurance option based on yours and your child’s unique needs. Contact us today and allow us to provide you with the peace of mind knowing your assets are adequately protected. We are available to answer any and all of your questions around the clock.


7 Tips for for Back to School Preparation

Each year, we begin summer by throwing our child’s backpacks and books in the closet, kicking back and, relaxing. Months of ignoring routine and enjoying the summer sun makes it nearly impossible to put ourselves back in school mode. Returning to your school time routine doesn’t have to be a hassle. Consider these 7 tips to prepare both you and your child for the next school semester:

  1. During the last week of summer before school begins, start bringing routine habits back into your daily lives. Bring back wake up times and bedtimes. Have your child get dressed for the day at the same time they would for school and have them eating during the same times as well.
  2. Since school gives children more responsibilities, give your child certain tasks that they will have to manage on their own to prepare them.
  3. If you don’t already have your launch pad in gear, you’ll want to designate a place for the essentials. To avoid early morning scrambles, have your child have a designated place for their lunch box and backpack.
  4. Establish a specific time each day where your child will complete their homework. It is smart to have your child do their homework during the time that you are cooking or finishing other household chores. This will make them more motivated to get it done since you’ll be standing over their shoulder.
  5. If your child’s school day ends before you are off of work, you’ll want to start deciding what their afternoon plans will be ahead of time. Whether you decide to enroll your child in an after-school program or arrange play dates with their friends, it is important that you get this out of the way before the night before the first day of school.
  6. As a working parent, it is important that you have a plan in place for when your child gets sick. You may need to fill out forms ahead of time to have a certain trusted person or babysitter pick your child up from school, just in case.
  7. Most importantly, make going back to school a family affair.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency is available for all of your California insurance needs. Contact us today and allow us to provide you with the peace of mind knowing your assets are adequately protected. We are available to answer any and all of your questions around the clock.