How Traffic Violations Affect Your Insurance Premium

While many drivers are well aware that getting a speeding ticket affects both their bank accounts and insurance premium, many are unaware of how other moving violations impact those numbers. Research shows that one moving violation can increase your insurance premium up to 93%. That means the rate you have been working so hard to earn with multiple discounts is gone, and you are now forced to pay nearly double. Compiled is a list of the top 7 most expensive moving violations that affect your insurance premium:

Top 7 Most Expensive Violations Include:

  1. DUI – 93% Increase in Insurance Premium
  2. Reckless Driving – 82% Increase in Insurance Premium
  3. Speeding – 30% Increase in Insurance Premium
  4. Careless Driving – 27% Increase in Insurance Premium
  5. Failure to Stop – 19% Increase in Insurance Premium
  6. Failure to Yield to Pedestrians – 19% Increase in Insurance Premium
  7. Driving in a Carpool Lane – 18% Increase in Insurance Premium

Like most things, each state varies on premium increases following a moving violation. California tends to take the spot for the most expensive premium increases. The numbers compiled above represent a nationwide average. Likewise, the amount your insurance premium increases also depends on your insurance provider. Some insurance providers forgive your first moving violation but penalize you more for your second violation. There was an obvious forgiving trend in those who have all of their insurance policies bundled with one insurance carrier.

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