Why Fireworks On The 4th?

If you have ever sat through an American history course, you are likely familiar with the story behind our country’s independence. On July 4th, 1776 the members of the Continental Congress gathered around Thomas Jefferson’s document, and endorsed the Declaration of Independence. Every year we celebrate this glorious day with the colors red, white, and blue- the colors of our nation’s flag. However, few know why we choose fireworks to commemorate the holiday!

Fireworks have had many uses throughout history. In China, they were first created for military purposes by attaching tiny packs of gunpowder to the end of a burning fire arrow. They were simply redesigned military weapons when first used for entertainment purposes. Fireworks grew in popularity at celebrations during the Renaissance era. Famous figures from history such as Peter the Great, and King Louis XIV were actually quite the firework connoisseurs.

But why did we begin to use them in America for this occasion? The reason is because of one man- John Adams, who would later go on to serve as our country’s president. Historians found a letter written from Adams to his wife, describing his plans for the July 4th celebration. His vision was made up of games, sports, bells, bonfires, and lastly a fireworks show. The first firework celebration was ignited on July 4th, 1777 in Pennsylvania. This was the one-year anniversary of America’s independence from Britain. The tradition has carried on, making it so that on the 4th, fireworks are heard everywhere from large cities to small suburban neighborhoods.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency would like to wish you, and your family a safe, and happy 4th!

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