Keep Your Kid’s Brains Active During Summer

Children across the country are bursting through school doors, overjoyed to start their summer break. While it is great to give the kids a chance to recharge at the beginning of summer, it’s smart to make sure they spend time doing summer activities that keep their brain active. There are many fun, yet stimulating projects you can do with your kids all summer that you both will love. Here are a few examples:

  • Summer Reading Programs: There are many libraries throughout the country that offer summer reading programs. These programs are designed to help children find books that interest them enough to keep pursuing reading as a hobby. If an outside program does not sound like a good fit for your child, you can always propose an award system, which will reward them for spending a certain amount of time reading each day.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Science Exploration: Before going on a family camping trip, have your kids learn about what they might see at the location. If your family is not one to take vacations very often, look into purchasing a science kit. These kits are often disguised as toys, and the kids won’t even think of it as a learning tool!
  • Games That Make Them Move: Video games have been a controversial topic in the parenting world. However, games that require the kids to get up, and be active can actually improve their attention skills. Consider games such as Dance Dance Revolution, or Guitar Hero to help stimulate their brains. Board games are always a fun alternative if you are not sold on the game console idea.

As a parent, the last thing you want is your child to go back to school in the fall, and have to play catch up. It is important to make sure that the children actually enjoy the activities you choose, so that they will remain engaged.

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