Protect Your Home From A Garage Door Break In

How well do you lock up your house before leaving in the mornings? Do you check all the windows and doors? What about your garage door? If not, then you should because your garage door is one of the easiest points of entry into your home. Thieves are aware of this, and have already mastered how to get inside in less than 8 seconds, using only a wire coat hanger. Homeowners rarely take the steps needed to protect their home from the infamous garage door break in. The steps are relatively simple, and can protect you from losing your valuable possessions. But first, let’s examine how exactly a robber would go about breaking into your home through the garage door:

  • Step 1: Loop the wire hangar through the release mechanism cord, or the mechanism itself, and open the door.
  • Step 2: If an alarm system is installed, go inside and hide in the garage, and close the door.
  • Step 3: Wait for the authorities to come investigate the scene, while a friend plays look-out in a car up the street. Security will find nothing out of the ordinary, and will only do a quick inspection.
  • Step 4: The friend tells you when security has left, reopen the garage door, and load up the car with someone else’s belongings.

This is how easy it is for a stranger to get inside your home. Luckily there are only a few things you need to do to protect home:

  • Acquire a piece of wire cable. Hook it through the top and bottom holes of the release mechanism and disable it.
  • Or secure a zip tie around the entire mechanism, also disabling it.
  • Detach the release cord entirely.

Garage doors with windows are the most easily targeted. The robbers can see into your garage and examine how your release mechanism works, but your home is still at risk if it doesn’t have windows. Keep your home safe, and ensure that you will never become a victim of a garage door break in. If you have any insurance related questions, Stromsoe Insurance Agency! Stromsoe Insurance Agency is sure to meet all of your insurance needs!

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