Insure Your Toys During Summer Time

Now that the summer months are finally upon us, people all over the country are lining up at docks to launch their WaveRunners, Jet Skis, and Sea-Doos. You have worked hard to be able to purchase your personal watercraft, so you must realize how important it is to purchase an insurance policy that will protect you financially. Here are just a few of the risks you take each time you take your watercraft out for a ride:

  • Damage due to crashing into another rider
  • Damage to another rider’s craft or dock
  • Damage done in transport due to an automobile accident
  • Negligence resulting in the injury or death of another person

Personal watercraft insurance will help protect you from situations like these. Typically, these insurance policies will continue to protect you and your watercraft, even if you have loaned it to another person. But wait! Pay close attention to every detail of your policy. There may be exclusions that will get in the way of the coverage you need. Here are a few examples:

  • Personal Watercrafts that have been adjusted to boost speed or performance
  • Using a personal watercraft after dark
  • Using a personal watercraft without a valid driver’s license

Many individuals assume that their personal watercraft is covered under their homeowner’s insurance. This is rarely the case, and when it is, often doesn’t provide adequate coverage. When searching for the policy that is suitable for your lifestyle, don’t forget to scour for possible discounts. You will likely qualify for multiple deductions that will save you a great deal of money.

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