Wishing All Fathers A Great Father’s Day!

Since the year 1972 we have set aside a day in June to celebrate fathers, and show our appreciation. The United States is home to more than 70 million fathers. It is a rarely known fact that Mother’s Day preceded Father’s Day by 58 years! Many people ridiculed the proposed idea of Father’s Day, arguing that their attachment to their children was not as strong as that of mothers. Additionally, both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were facing criticism from citizens who believed the holidays were simply a commercial scheme to sell unnecessary gifts to consumers. At one point, both holidays were almost completely abolished.

The great depression brought significant challenges to the effort of making Father’s Day a federal holiday. Expenses were tight, and people were not convinced that they should be spending their precious dollars on a holiday such as Father’s Day. However, during World War II, businesses used Father’s Day as a method of convincing consumers they were commemorating the troops. This had some success, and by the end of the war Father’s Day was a national establishment. In the end, it was Richard Nixon who authorized the proclamation that initiated Father’s Day into the club of federal holidays. It is estimated that citizens of the United States spend more than $1 billion dollars every year on gifts for their fathers.

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Wishing you and your family all the best this Father’s Day weekend,

The Stromsoe Insurance Agency Total Protection Team
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Andrea Wyatt, Jennifer Goins, Cindy & Mike Stromsoe

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