Staying Safe on Graduation

Graduation is an exciting time for both parents and children. No matter where you are graduating from, either high school or college, it is important to remember these safety tips to make sure everyone stays safe on this exciting day.

If your teen is graduating high school:

  • Have an itinerary. Make sure you know where your teen is going after graduation and what time. Get any contact information of anybody who will be with your teen.
  • No hotel rooms. If your teen wants to celebrate graduation with a party, consider having it at your own home so that your can supervise. If the party is happening at a different location, think about volunteering as a chaperone or get the contact information of any adults that will be there.
  • Know who is driving. Whether it is your teen or a friend, make sure they are not drinking and driving and that there are the proper amount of seatbelts.
  • No drinking or drugs. Make sure your teen knows the consequences of underage drinking and illegal drug use. Make sure to set your own penalties and share them with your teen if they are caught in these illegal activities.

If your child is graduating college:

  • Know who is driving. For those who are old enough to enjoy alcoholic beverages to celebrate graduation, make sure you have a designated driver. If there is not a sober driver, make sure to get a taxi so that everyone can arrive home safely.
  • Limit passengers. Limiting the number of distractions of the driver concentrate while driving and will help ensure that everyone has a seatbelt.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency would like to congratulate all graduates for their big accomplishment!

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