Summer Time Pests

Summer time brings sunshine and warm weather, but it can also bring new pests into your home. Making sure you have the right pest prevention plan can help save you from lots of headaches the come from the invasion of these pests.

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying and dangerous summer time pests. They can carry many diseases including West Nile virus. They breed in shallow ponds and water-filled pots. Making sure to keep any standing water away from you house can keep the mosquitoes away.

Raccoons like to dig through your trash to find a tasty meal on hot summer nights. They create disturbances in the neighborhood and can leave large messes in your yard. Investing in heavy-duty trash can with a secure lid, or not putting the trash out the night before trash day can help cut down on raccoon activity.

Squirrels may seem cute from afar, but they can cause lots of damage in your home. They like to make their nests in the attics of houses and the eaves and overhangs of roofs. It is not only a little frightening hearing the scratching of a squirrel in your walls, but they are also known to carry diseases. Checking your attic and roof every so often can help alert you to any possible nests and help you deter them from moving in.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency would like to remind you to protect your house from any possible pests that can invade your house. There are plenty of professionals that can help if you are experiencing any problems. They would also like to remind you to make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date and to contact them for all your insurance needs.

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