Safe Teen Driving Tips

Getting a drivers license is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. It can also be the scariest time in a parent’s life. Making sure your child is prepared for the road can not only help keep your teen driver safe, but also help ease your mind as a parent. A few simple safe-driving tips can help your teen be a safer driver for the rest of their life.

Jumping a car – teaching your teen how to properly jump a car could be the difference of them making it home for dinner and being stuck in a parking lot.

Changing a tire – although changing a tire seems like something that you could call to have fixed, think of all the places that there is no cell reception. Relying on a cell phone to make a repair call can leave you stranded in unfamiliar places for many hours.

Knowing dashboard lights – dashboard lights are not just decorations. They all have specific meanings and knowing which ones need to be dealt with immediately can save you teen from a disaster and save you hundreds of dollars in additional repairs to a vehicle.

The most important step to making sure your teen is a safe driver is to make sure they have the proper auto insurance. Stromsoe Insurance Agency offers different auto insurance policies that fit into any lifestyle.

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