April is National Autism Awareness Month

This year, make an effort to support the autism community by celebrating April as National Autism Awareness Month. Research shows that one in every sixty-eight children are diagnosed with autism. During the month of April, there are presidential and congressional declarations to celebrate National Autism Awareness Month as well as both local and online events and activities to support the movement.

Doing your part is easy! Simply by placing the National Autism Awareness Month logo badge on your blog, Facebook profile, Twitter page or website can increase awareness. You can also customize the NAAM logo with your business logo to not only promote the awareness of autism but also promote your own company!

The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol supporting autism awareness and by displaying it on any of your social media mediums or on your car, you can increase curiosity and educate others.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency recognizes April as National Autism Awareness Month and encourages you to do your part! Contact them for all of your insurance inquiries.

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