Knowing when to change your water heater

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is turning on the hot water and not getting any. Whether you’re trying to wash your hands, wash dishes or take a shower, not having hot water is a truly irritating inconvenience. Of course, the first thing you’ll think of is replacing your hot water heater and how expensive that can be. However, you may not need to replace your hot water heater and here are some ways to tell:

  • If you examine the area around and under your hot water heater and find water, you may have a cracked tank. Not only can this cause water damage which may require you to file a homeowners insurance claim, but it would be cheaper to replace your hot water heater.
  • If you see no water around the water heater but the pipe leading out of the tank is cold and the heater exterior is cold, either your heating elements have gone bad or you may have a different electrical issue (for electric hot water heaters) or you may need to have your natural gas feed checked.
  • If your hot water tank is over 30 years old, parts are quite likely unavailable to repair it. This will require upgrading to a ‘modern’ hot water heater.

Regardless of the situation, calling in someone such as a plumber that specializes in water heaters will be your best move. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what the issue is and whether or not you truly do need to replace it. Unfortunately, hot water heaters do wear out and have to be replaced.

A great homeowners insurance policy will give you the financial protection you need if pipes burst or your tank leaks and if you live in California, calling Stromsoe Insurance Agency is your best move to making sure your homeowners policy gives you the protection you need.

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