Easy DIY Spring Projects for Your Home and Yard

As the harsh Winter weather in the US gives way to the warmer temperatures of the Spring season, most people are ready for some simple, fun do-it-yourself projects. Here are a few suggestions for some simple, rewarding Spring projects to consider.

  • Spruce up your home with some new Spring color paint. Bring the outdoors (no, not the snow and cold) indoors by giving some walls new paint in Spring colors, such as some yellows, blues or blends of pastel shades. Inexpensive DIYs, you can make a bolder statement by just painting one wall of each room.
  • Get your deck and yard ready for warm weather fun. Clean up the Winter "debris" from your yard. Remove sticks and branches fallen from trees, the leaves you forgot to rake and other lawn ruffage. Clean your deck before you put your furniture on it. Deck cleaner is easy to apply and makes your deck look like new. If it needs new stain, now’s the time to DIY.
  • Start planting now. If you’re worried about Spring snow and cold, start your seedlings indoors. You can grow flowers, spices and other plants indoors until the weather warms for good.

You can find more inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to beautify your home and/or yard surfing the Internet. When you want valuable advice to protect your home and yard, contact the Stromsoe Insurance Agency, licensed in 18 states and helping thousands of clients sleep soundly, knowing they’re safe and secure.

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