6 Insurance Marriage Changes

With all the excitement of getting married, insurance changes are probably the last thing on your mind, but one of the most important things to consider. Name and address changes are not the only insurance changes that need to be considered. Take these six marriage and insurance tips into consideration before and after marrying the love of your life:

  1. Cancel any policies such as auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and renter’s insurance that the two of you will be merging into one. Update or add the new spouse to any existing policies.
  2. Meet with your life insurance agent and talk with your new spouse about either purchasing life insurance or changing the beneficiaries on existing life and annuity policies. Many broaden their life insurance policy to include their spouse and increase policy value.
  3. Merging your health insurance with your new spouse can get you a better rate, allowing you to spend the extra money on other aspects of your new life together. If you are canceling a policy offered by an employer, check to see if the premium portion the employer pays is eligible for reimbursement.
  4. Change the limits on your renters insurance or homeowners insurance limits for added spouses’ personal items.
  5. Consider whether you would like to get endorsements for valuables such as wedding rings and other prized possessions.
  6. If you or your spouse do not already have an umbrella policy, long-term care policy, or disability insurance, it is a good idea to consider these additions.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency would love to welcome you and your spouse into the next stage of life and ease the insurance change process for you. Contact them for additional tips or advice.

Safe Teen Driving Tips

Getting a drivers license is one of the most exciting times in a young person’s life. It can also be the scariest time in a parent’s life. Making sure your child is prepared for the road can not only help keep your teen driver safe, but also help ease your mind as a parent. A few simple safe-driving tips can help your teen be a safer driver for the rest of their life.

Jumping a car – teaching your teen how to properly jump a car could be the difference of them making it home for dinner and being stuck in a parking lot.

Changing a tire – although changing a tire seems like something that you could call to have fixed, think of all the places that there is no cell reception. Relying on a cell phone to make a repair call can leave you stranded in unfamiliar places for many hours.

Knowing dashboard lights – dashboard lights are not just decorations. They all have specific meanings and knowing which ones need to be dealt with immediately can save you teen from a disaster and save you hundreds of dollars in additional repairs to a vehicle.

The most important step to making sure your teen is a safe driver is to make sure they have the proper auto insurance. Stromsoe Insurance Agency offers different auto insurance policies that fit into any lifestyle.

Going Green for Earth Day

Earth Day is Tuesday, April 22nd. This is a perfect day to get involved in your community and find ways to be a little greener in your own life.

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and was the brainchild of Senator Gaylord Nelson. It was started as a “teach-in” to educated the public about the environment. Nelson wanted to bring the environmental issues into the public spotlight. Today, the Earth Day Network works with over 17,000 partners and organizations in over 174 countries.

When thinking of ways to go green in your own life, small changes can help make a big impact. Taking public transportation or carpooling with fellow employees to get to work can help cut down your carbon footprint. Changing lights in your home to more energy efficient ones and making sure you turn them off when you leave a room can help cut down on your energy usage.

To get involved in your community, look for special Earth Day events. Many communities have beach clean ups or tree planting to celebrate Earth Day. If there are no events, make your own! Get other community members involved to help make your community more beautiful.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency encourages you to find ways to go green in your own life. They also want to remind you to contact them for all of your insurance needs.

April is National Autism Awareness Month

This year, make an effort to support the autism community by celebrating April as National Autism Awareness Month. Research shows that one in every sixty-eight children are diagnosed with autism. During the month of April, there are presidential and congressional declarations to celebrate National Autism Awareness Month as well as both local and online events and activities to support the movement.

Doing your part is easy! Simply by placing the National Autism Awareness Month logo badge on your blog, Facebook profile, Twitter page or website can increase awareness. You can also customize the NAAM logo with your business logo to not only promote the awareness of autism but also promote your own company!

The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol supporting autism awareness and by displaying it on any of your social media mediums or on your car, you can increase curiosity and educate others.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency recognizes April as National Autism Awareness Month and encourages you to do your part! Contact them for all of your insurance inquiries.

The Safe Way to Dye and Hunt for Easter Eggs

It will soon be time for egg dying and the much-anticipated Easter egg hunt. Here are some suggestions for a safe Easter Sunday:

  • Use natural dyes, such as purple grapes to create a lavender color for a safe alternative to chemical dyes. Recipes are available online.
  • Try using two sets of eggs: one set to decorate and hide and another set to eat. This reduces the possibility of salmonella poisoning. 
  • While hunting, stay inside of pre-determined boundary lines so children don’t get lost or hurt. 

Safety is of upmost importance for every family. Help protect that which is most important to you by contacting Stromsoe Insurance Agency . These caring professionals can guarantee the best price on the right coverage for businesses, cars, homes or even health and life insurance.

Make sure the children of Ranchos Damacitas also have a safe and happy Easter by providing a sponsorship that will afford an Easter celebration with goodies and dinner. Contact Andrea Wyatt at Temecula Valley New Generations Rotary for more information, (951) 239-4489.

Knowing when to change your water heater

One of the most frustrating feelings in the world is turning on the hot water and not getting any. Whether you’re trying to wash your hands, wash dishes or take a shower, not having hot water is a truly irritating inconvenience. Of course, the first thing you’ll think of is replacing your hot water heater and how expensive that can be. However, you may not need to replace your hot water heater and here are some ways to tell:

  • If you examine the area around and under your hot water heater and find water, you may have a cracked tank. Not only can this cause water damage which may require you to file a homeowners insurance claim, but it would be cheaper to replace your hot water heater.
  • If you see no water around the water heater but the pipe leading out of the tank is cold and the heater exterior is cold, either your heating elements have gone bad or you may have a different electrical issue (for electric hot water heaters) or you may need to have your natural gas feed checked.
  • If your hot water tank is over 30 years old, parts are quite likely unavailable to repair it. This will require upgrading to a ‘modern’ hot water heater.

Regardless of the situation, calling in someone such as a plumber that specializes in water heaters will be your best move. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what the issue is and whether or not you truly do need to replace it. Unfortunately, hot water heaters do wear out and have to be replaced.

A great homeowners insurance policy will give you the financial protection you need if pipes burst or your tank leaks and if you live in California, calling Stromsoe Insurance Agency is your best move to making sure your homeowners policy gives you the protection you need.

Easy DIY Spring Projects for Your Home and Yard

As the harsh Winter weather in the US gives way to the warmer temperatures of the Spring season, most people are ready for some simple, fun do-it-yourself projects. Here are a few suggestions for some simple, rewarding Spring projects to consider.

  • Spruce up your home with some new Spring color paint. Bring the outdoors (no, not the snow and cold) indoors by giving some walls new paint in Spring colors, such as some yellows, blues or blends of pastel shades. Inexpensive DIYs, you can make a bolder statement by just painting one wall of each room.
  • Get your deck and yard ready for warm weather fun. Clean up the Winter "debris" from your yard. Remove sticks and branches fallen from trees, the leaves you forgot to rake and other lawn ruffage. Clean your deck before you put your furniture on it. Deck cleaner is easy to apply and makes your deck look like new. If it needs new stain, now’s the time to DIY.
  • Start planting now. If you’re worried about Spring snow and cold, start your seedlings indoors. You can grow flowers, spices and other plants indoors until the weather warms for good.

You can find more inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to beautify your home and/or yard surfing the Internet. When you want valuable advice to protect your home and yard, contact the Stromsoe Insurance Agency, licensed in 18 states and helping thousands of clients sleep soundly, knowing they’re safe and secure.