What Affects YOUR Life Insurance Premiums

Life Insurance in Murrieta

What affects the price of your life insurance premiums? Once you think about it, it will make a great deal of sense to you.

  • Your age. Of course the younger you are, statistics will say the longer you have to live. That translates into lower rates when you are younger. It isn’t quite that simple however.
  • Your health. If you have a disease like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes or other long term affliction, it not only may affect your rates, it may affect your ability to even get life insurance. That is why it is so important to get life insurance when you are young and healthy.
  • Your job. If you are a construction worker or policeman you may have higher premiums than an office worker or sales manager.
  • Your hobbies. If you participate in skydiving or skiing you may experience higher premiums than those with less dangerous hobbies.
  • Tobacco use. Yes, this will adversely affect your premiums.

Insurance companies use a more complicated set of rules to determine rates and what leads to increased premiums than you may realize. They are not unreasonable however. If you would like, you can get a free instant life insurance quote from the Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

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