Water Conservation Tips to Help You Through the Drought

Despite recent rain and snow, the California drought continues. Governor Jerry Brown recently asked residents to cut personal water use by 20 percent. Fortunately, there are ways to do that without sacrificing your quality of life. These tips for conserving water can help you save gallons of water every day:

1. Put conservation devices called aerators on your bathroom faucets. Aerators mix air with water coming through the faucet to reduce water consumption.

2. Take showers instead of baths when possible and cut your usual shower time in half.

3. Install high-efficiency toilets that use less water for flushing.

4. Don’t leave faucets running when washing up, brushing teeth, cleaning dishes or other tasks.

5. Wait for full loads before you do laundry or run a dishwasher.

6. Follow local water regulations for outdoor sprinkling or watering. Run sprinklers for three-to-five minutes less when you water.

Despite several years of dry weather, most parts of California have not enforced strict water regulations. By following these water conservation tips you can do your part to make sure there’s enough water for everyone’s needs.

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