What do insurance companies consider when they decide whether to cancel or not renew policies?

Canceled or dropped insurance coverage often feels like getting blindsided. Many consumers are familiar with their insurance company canceling a policy without notice, leaving them uninsured and unprepared. Other times, instead of renewing a policy, an insurer will simply let the current coverage turn run its course before ending coverage. Here are a few reasons why an insurance company might decide otherwise:

  • The policyholder has been filing frequent claims. Too many claims can present too great a cost to the insurer. It could also raise questions about the legitimacy of those claims. An extensive claims history could cause insurers to drop a policy.
  • A poor driving record. Multiple accidents and tickets ramp up the insurer’s liability considerably. If you have a bad track record on the road, you’ll have a tougher time finding an auto policy.
  • Questionable credit history. Lower credit scores suggest greater risk. If you have a very low score, or serious marks like bankruptcies, and insurance company may choose to stop covering you.

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Why is it Harder to Get Insurance if Drivers in my Household Have Bad Driving Records?

If you live with a relative who has a bad driving record, you may find that it’s hard to get car insurance for yourself. This is because these people are usually named as insured parties, which makes the insurance company liable for any accidents or other mishaps they get into. Some companies will allow you to exclude such drivers, but even then, it can be hard to get insurance.

One of the reasons for this is the basic premise that those who live with you are likely to end up driving your car at some point. This is because things come up during daily life that may result in someone with a bad driving record taking "just a short trip" even though they aren’t supposed to. Insurance companies know this and plan accordingly.

Remedial driving courses for those with bad driving records offer one way to mitigate this problem. Often, states allow those who take such courses to shave a couple of points off of their records. Having your relative take these courses may allow your household to qualify for auto insurance once more.

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New Valentine’s Day Gift? Make Sure it’s Covered!

Hopefully your loved one adored that lavish gift on Valentine’s Day! Did you know that expensive items need to be scheduled separately in order to be fully covered on your insurance policy?

Although your possessions are protected by your homeowners or renter’s insurance, there is a limit on the amount of coverage that can be applied to a single item. Items like jewelry, art and expensive furs can sometimes exceed the amount of coverage provided by a standard homeowners insurance policy.

A scheduled item will be separately described on your insurance policy. Your insurance agent may need to see an appraisal or a receipt in order to prove the scheduled item’s value. Insuring jewelry is easy, and it’s worth it to have that extra protection.

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Send a Message on Valentines Day with Flower Symbolism

Many flowers are given to express the giver’s feelings, such as roses to say “I love you.” On Valentine’s Day, flowers are often given as an act of gratitude, appreciation, passion, or friendship. Here you’ll find some traditional meanings of certain flowers, and who you should send them to.

Yellow Roses: Sunny colored roses mean “friendship” and should be given to a close friend. When used romantically, they can also mean “let’s just be friends.”

Tulips: If the love of your life is not into roses, consider giving her tulips. Available in a wide range of colors, tulips say “I love you.”

Bamboo Plant: Unique and charming, bamboo plants mean “lucky.” Give one to your boyfriend or husband to let him know just how lucky you are to have found him.

Zinnias: These lovely flowers are often to given to say “I miss you.” Send them to a long-distance family member or friend.

Sweetheart Roses: Miniature or sweetheart roses say “You’re sweet.” Give a small bouquet to a female family member, such as a daughter or granddaughter.

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Home Trampoline Use Should Be Avoided

Trampolines are appearing in backyards all across the country.  At the same time, more children are being rushed to emergency rooms following trampoline injuries.  In response, pediatricians are recommending that parents refuse to allow their children to jump on a trampoline at home, or at a friend’s house.  Contact the Stromsoe Insurance Agency to learn how owning a trampoline will affect your homeowners insurance rates.

Most injuries occur when multiple children are jumping on the trampoline at the same time.  Smaller kids are bounced off the apparatus at dangerous angles that cause broken bones and even more serious injuries.  Homeowners must understand that liability insurance is intended to cover medical expenses for third parties if someone is injured while present on the property.  Multiple incidents that result in claims against the homeowner’s coverage can cause the insurer to drop the policyholder’s homeowners insurance.

Pediatricians believe the best approach is to enroll children in sports programs where trampoline usage includes safety training and harnesses designed to prevent injuries.  Parents will want to take this advice to heart since preventative safety measures have not been effective in home trampoline use.

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Weekend Trip Home Safety Tip

Weekend trips are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, but all that fun can easily be ruined or overshadowed by a burst or leaking hose on your washing machine! Before you leave, don’t forget to turn off the water for your washing machine. You can avoid the inconvenience of turning off the water by upgrading your washing machine hook-ups to braided stainless steel hoses. These types of hoses won’t burst.

Other safety tips include:

  • Tell a neighbor or friend that you’ll be away and ask him or her to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.
  • Put away the spare key you keep under the mailbox or in the flower garden.
  • Stop your mail and newspaper subscription. Mail and uncollected packages are a tip-off to intruders that you’re out of town.
  • Unplug your television, computer and other appliances to protect them from electric surges.
  • Update your homeowners insurance policy. Should anything happen, you’ll want to know you’re protected. 

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