Practicalities of Giving and Receiving: Insuring Christmas Gifts

After the joy of the holidays wears off, it may be time to consider some of the more practical aspects of giving and receiving gifts. If you or someone in your home received a big ticket item this Christmas, you may want to give some thought to insuring your Christmas gifts. Here are three categories of gifts that may need some additional insurance.

  • Expensive Jewelry

While many pieces of jewelry will be covered under a traditional homeowner’s policy, if you received a very expensive item, you may want to contact your agent about buying some additional insurance. Insuring jewelry may only cost a small amount each year, but if your expensive item is ever stolen from your home, you will be glad that you paid for it. You can also buy insurance to help you pay for a high homeowner’s deductible in case of loss or theft.

  • Expensive Electronics

Flat screen televisions, computers, and iPhones are very easily damaged and very expensive to replace. Some insurance policies will replace your expensive television if it falls off the wall or is damaged in some way. Because an iPhone can quickly be damaged by a chewing puppy or curious toddler, don’t risk losing your investment in your electronics. Call your agent and get additional insurance that will pay for replacing expensive electronics.

  • Collectibles and Artwork

Certain kinds of collectibles and artwork can be worth thousands of dollars. If you have a roof leak and one of your expensive collections is damaged, your insurance may be unable to reimburse you for the full value of your loss if it exceeds the maximum stated in the policy. Your agent can tell you what you need to know about insuring expensive collections.

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