Can I Get a Policy that Combines Different Types of Insurance?

Selecting the perfect insurance policy can take some research and understanding of which policies are best for your needs. Depending on your insurance needs, it may be possible to combine different policies under a single policy, saving you money on costly premiums.

In many situations, business owners are able to create a business owner’s policy (BOP), which includes the different types of coverage needed for the business. The BOP can include property, casualty, business interruption and liability all in a single policy. Or if the homeowner has a business, a “business pursuits” endorsement on their homeowner’s policy can be added, combining business insurance with the homeowner’s policy.

Homeowners might be able to include their car insurance with their homeowner’s policy. Combining insurance will help save on monthly car and homeowner’s insurance premiums.

It is best to speak directly with an insurance agent to help understand which policies can and cannot be combined and which policies work best for your insurance needs.

For more information about the different types of insurance policies available and how to combine different policies in California, contact the Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

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