Safe Driving Tips for Rainy Weather

Rain contributes to thousands of automobile accidents annually. Slick roads reduce tire traction and interfere with a driver’s visibility. Keep yourself and your passengers safe while driving in the rain with these safe driving tips.

Slow It Down: Rain mixed with dirt and debris on the road creates a perfect condition for skids. Avoid skidding on wet roads by driving at a slower pace, which increases traction.

Check Your Tires: Keep your tires properly inflated as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. This information can typically be found on the glove box door, door-post, fuel door, or vehicle door edge.

Don’t Get Distracted: Turn off any cell phones, the radio and ask that passengers sit quietly as you drive in hazardous conditions. Keep both hands on the wheel at all times.

Brake Earlier: In addition to driving slower, you should also break earlier and with less force than normal. Increasing stopping distance can eliminate many accidents.

For more information on how to drive safe in rainy weather in the Murrieta, California area, please contact your auto insurance professionals at Stromsoe Insurance Agency for safe driving tips.

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