Thanksgiving Inspirational Stories

In a world where turning on the news often means tuning into the world’s daily dose of bad news, the Thanksgiving holiday has taken on an even greater significance. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with loved ones and remember all that you have to be thankful in our daily lives. For a certain World War II veteran, each year Thanksgiving is a special reminder of how his life was saved and provides the basis for his inspirational stories.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1944, a platoon sergeant in the Yankee Division under General Patton made the fateful decision to walk his entire platoon straight down a deserted road. Usually the sergeant would have had his men travel through the protection of the woods; but that day, something told him to keep walking straight. Upon reaching the end of the road he and his men turned back to look at the woods. Much to their surprise the trees were covered in signs stating, “minen” or mine in German. The platoon sergeant had saved his soldiers’ lives by choosing to follow his intuition and being thankful for a deserted road to travel upon.

As Thanksgiving 2013 approaches us, remember to pause and think of this man’s inspirational story. Perhaps you have moments in life, like the World War II solider, where you made a simple choice that ended up being a defining moment in your life. This Thanksgiving the Share the Harvest Dinner, hosted by Murrieta Mesa High School is proud to offer a chance for more defining moments. The Share the Harvest Dinner is a free community event; Thanksgiving meals will be provided to people in need. Canned goods, non-perishable food items, and monetary donations are all being accepted to support the community members who need them most.

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