I don’t have any major business assets. Why do I need insurance?

As a business owner, the first thought is finding insurance. Companies with millions of dollars in assets, such as inventory or machinery, need a specific policy to cover those items. Even if a business has no major assets, insurance is still needed, but for different reasons. 

Not all companies carry inventory. Instead, they offer a service. Individuals who operate a service oriented company need protection against various situations. For example, a plumber is working on a pipe in a person’s home and accidently breaks something else. This represents a liability for the businesses.

No matter what type of business a person has, liability business insurance protects them against loss when accidents and injuries to others may incur while on their property. This type of insurance also covers accidents and injuries related to the company business when an employee is on the clock but away from the office.

Business owners can contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency through their website or any of their social media contacts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), if they have questions regarding different types of insurance they may benefit from.

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