Fun Ways to Greet Your Halloween Trick-or-Treaters

This Halloween add some tricks to your treat-giving when greeting trick-or-treaters. Add to the ambiance of the occasion by decorating your entryway and front lawn with foam tombstones, cheesecloth ghosts, and glow-in-the-dark decor. Use faux spider webs and eerie music to complete the scary decor. Dress in a costume, such as a zombie, clown, vampire, or gorilla to add to the fun.

For the trick-or-treaters place a seemingly unguarded bowl of candy in your spooky entryway. Stay in the shadows outside of your home, and as trick-or-treaters go to grab a treat, jump out and scare them! You can also sit silently in your costume next to the doorway, and as trick-or-treaters start to leave with their bounty, you can come alive to chase them away. You can also create a miniature haunted maze for trick-or-treaters to go through before they receive their sweet reward. Another fun way to greet guests on Halloween is to pretend you don’t know it is Halloween, after which you reveal a giant bowl of full sized candy bars.

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