Do I Need Life Insurance?

Unless you have plenty of money saved to support your dependents when you pass away, a life insurance policy is should be considered necessary. What does life insurance cover?  It will give your loved ones money to continue their present lifestyle without making drastic changes, and without having to go into debt to pay for the funeral and burial.

Minors don’t really need a whole lot of insurance since no one depends on them for income. Having a rider or small policy which covers funeral and burial costs is a good idea.

College students and young adults typically don’t feel the need for insurance if they’re single, but if they’ve co-signed with family or friends on student or auto loans, a life insurance policy will pay off the debts so that the co-signer doesn’t get stuck with the debt.

Young families should consider a term insurance policy that covers them until the kids are out of school. Even stay at home parents should have a policy since they provide valuable services for the family, which otherwise cost a significant amount of money.

Retirees who have a nice nest egg don’t usually need life insurance, but if you don’t have savings, it’s a great investment which will benefit your partner.

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