Do I Need Coverage for My College Student?

Planning to send your graduate off to college soon? You might be wondering whether your current insurance coverage will help protect your loved one while they are far from home. When it comes to insurance and college students, there are a few stipulations that may require alterations to your current policy.

Health Insurance Coverage is essential for any college student, and many colleges today require all students to have some type of medical coverage at the time of enrollment. If your child is studying abroad or out of state, there may be details you need to discuss with your insurance agent before sending them off.

Automobile Insurance Coverage is a responsibility many parents choose to continue for a number of reasons. Cash strapped college students tend to miss a payment here and then, which can put them at serious liability even if they don’t take a car with them. Consider those occasions where your responsible child unexpectedly becomes the designated driver or borrows a friend’s car before dropping them from your auto policy.

Home Insurance & Covering Property in a Dorm is one thing you’ll want to inquire with your agent about. Most policies do help cover personal property that is damaged or stolen from dorm rooms in particular situations.

Find out more about keeping your college student safe while they earn higher education, Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency in California for all your insurance questions and needs.

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