Ensure Your Home Is Built On A Stable And Sturdy Foundation

Buying a home is a very exciting experience, but dealing with foundation problems can be an aggravating and costly headache. Before you even consider purchasing a home, always inspect the foundation. If your home wasn’t built on a stable or sturdy surface, it may have structural damage that can make living there unsafe.

Poorly-built foundations will show cracks along the outer surface, uneven floors and doors that aren’t aligned, and diagonal cracks along the walls of your home. Some damage can be easily fixed, such as cracking, as a silicone caulking can be applied. More serious problems may require foundation specialists to go underneath your home and repair the foundation by adding supports.

Even if your home has a stable foundation, you will need to perform the proper maintenance so it lasts for a very long time. Steps to maintaining your home’s foundation may include:

  • Moving gutter downspouts so water is redirected away from the foundation to prevent water damage
  • Cutting down or trimming the roots of trees and bushes that are putting pressure against the foundation as this can cause the bricks to crack.
  • Immediately filling in cracks that can appear when the foundation shifts due to soil movement

For more information about maintaining your home’s foundation and about getting the right homeowners insurance, please contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency at 951-600-5751.

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