Back to Basics: Commercial Renters Insurance

Whether it’s a store front, warehouse or office space, when your business rents in a commercial property, you will need to obtain commercial renters insurance. This type of insurance will cover property, office equipment, machinery or stock that you have on the premises in the event that it is damaged or stolen. Some policies will also cover accidental damages to the premises.

Special riders can be added to commercial renter’s insurance for flood damage, damages sustained due to other natural disasters and specialty items, such as glass window displays. Business interruption insurance provides for the loss of income during the time a business is forced to be closed due to fires or other natural disasters. This valuable protection is also available as a rider to your basic policy.

Premiums for commercial renters insurance depend upon a number of factors including fire risk, location of the property, items stored on the property and whether you choose replacement cost or current value coverage for inventory, machines and other items.

Stromsoe Insurance Agency can answer any questions you have about commercial renters insurance in the greater Murrieta area. We can also help you find the right policy at the most competitive rates. Contact us today for all your business insurance needs.

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