Are you Taking all the Right Precautions While Off-roading?

If off-roading is one of your favorite leisure activities, you know the dangers involved. Prime off-road vehicles sit tall for good visibility, but also have higher centers of gravity, which make them prone to rollovers. Roads that are popular for off-roading are generally well off the beaten path, which means accidents can take a while to be discovered. Due to these known dangers, you probably put some effort into following off-roading safety tips, sticking to group ventures and going only for those paths you know your vehicle can safely handle.

You may be less prepared when it comes to off-roading insurance, though. The danger-prone hobby of off-roading may not be covered by many health and auto policies, which is why off-roading has its own specific insurance to cover accidents that may occur while you are out playing on the rocks or in the forest. Having specific off-road insurance ensures that you are covered in case of damage to either your vehicle or injury to yourself.

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