Summer Lake Outings Are Not Complete Without Boat Insurance Protection

As boating season approaches rapidly, do you find yourself feeling that familiar tug to get your boat in the water? Chances are, you would never think of driving your car without car insurance, or buying a house without protecting it with homeowner’s insurance. But, what about your boat? Boat insurance is just as important, because it can protect you against a wide range of hazards. Even when you follow all of the necessary boating safety rules and regulations, one single accident can lead to costly damages and possible injuries.

Watercraft liability is designed to cover injuries and damages up to your policy’s coverage limits for accidents in your boat. If you need legal defense, this can also cover some of those costs. Your insurance policy should also provide coverage for medical payments to help with medical expenses for you or other occupants of your boat if an injury should occur. Most policies also offer coverage for the boat itself and all typical boating equipment such as anchors, oars and safety gear. Before that first day out on the water, call Stromsoe Insurance Agency to evaluate your insurance options.

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