Don’t Get Caught without Cyber Liability Insurance

Although you may have business insurance for your company, you might have overlooked the possibility of cyber attacks that can cost you financially. Cyber liability insurance is designed to protect your small business from the possibility of losing everything to a cyber attack from professional hackers.

Before you assume that you do not actually need cyber liability insurance, consider the number of computers that your company uses. If you run an online business, then most of your data is probably stored on a computer. Now consider the possibility that a hacker has accessed your files. You’ve just lost your customer’s information, your employee’s Social Security Numbers and you might not be able to take new orders.

Protecting your business from financial loss in the event that you become the victim of a hacker is the sole purpose of the insurance. It helps you manage the unexpected situation so that you are not held responsible for the hacker’s actions after the information is stolen.

Keeping your company safe from every threat is the purpose of insurance. If you do not yet have coverage for cyber liability, you should obtain a new insurance plan. To learn more about coverage options, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

Do I Need Professional Liability Insurance?

The Insurance Information Institute explains why it is so important that business owners have professional liability insurance. Many people who own their own business, regardless of whether they conduct business from their homes, or from another place altogether, may not realize the importance of adding PL insurance to their existing business owners policy or in-home policy.

The reason this type of insurance is so important is because of the possibility that a client could sue you, and if that were to happen, you might lose everything for which you’ve worked so hard. Should you get sued, PL insurance is designed to protect you.

As a professional, you are held to a certain standard, based on the knowledge and training you have in the field you work in. If you fail to provide your service with the skill and professionalism that your profession demands, a court could hold you legally responsible for your client’s suffering. When a liability claim is filed and it is determined to be the result of negligence, PL insurance is referred to as “errors and omissions liability.”

Don’t risk losing everything because your business gets sued. Contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency for information regarding all of your business, professional and other insurance needs.

School’s Out for Summer! Be Sure to Keep your Kids Safe

Summer is here and so are the kids. Keeping them safe is something easily neglected, especially when you are used to them being away at school for much of the day. Parents concerned with summertime safety can think in terms of four categories: sun safety, water safety, household safety, and traffic safety.

During all seasons, but especially during the hot summer months, keep a well-stocked first aid kit handy. Mosquitos and ticks can be carriers of serious diseases. If they are a problem in your area, be sure to remove standing water where mosquitos breed, and check the kids for ticks when they come in from outdoors. Keep your kids safe this summer with the following tips.

In the Sun:

  • Have fun without sunburn by using sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more.
  • Hydrate before and regularly when playing outside.
  • Wear a hat and sunglasses.
  • Limit time spent in the direct sun between 10 and 4, and frequently check for signs of overheating.

In the Water:

  • Wear floatation devices if boating.
  • Non-swimmers should never be left alone in the water, no matter how shallow.
  • Use extra sunscreen as the water will wash off some or all of its protection.

Around the House:

  • Kids on school vacation are home all day and frequently get into things they otherwise might not think about. Make your home safe by keeping toxins out of reach and out of sight.
  • Make sure wet feet don’t mean slips and falls by providing a place to wipe them on entry.

In Traffic:

  • As always in any season, but especially with the kids outside all day, make sure you review the safety tips for kids in traffic situations: Stop, Look, and Listen. The three words that save children’s lives.

For more information about summer safety and your insurance needs in Murietta and the surrounding communities, please contact the insurance professionals at Stromsoe Insurance Agency.

It’s Heating Up, Which Means Fire Season is Upon Us

Fire is one of the most devastating of disasters. It destroys the possessions as well as, in many cases, the memories attached to some of those possessions. That photograph of grandparents on their wedding day is irreplaceable. The risk of fire is increased during fire season, when conditions are dangerously favorable to fires.

There are many reasons why fire insurance is a good idea, but these are the basics:

  • It is your responsibility to protect what you own, regardless of the threat.
  • Standard homeowners insurance does not cover fire damage to the contents of your home or business, just the building, itself.
  • Valuables you have in your possession have both monetary and sentimental value, but many of them can be replaced if lost.

Fire insurance is additional coverage designed to incorporate the costs of replacement, reconstruction, or repair of your covered belongings, to the extent that they are not covered by a standard property insurance policy.

Ask the professionals at Stromsoe Insurance Agency about their Circle of Safety programs, or other ways to protect your valuables from fire and other dangers. Stromsoe Insurance proudly covers Murrieta and surrounding communities.

Summer Lake Outings Are Not Complete Without Boat Insurance Protection

As boating season approaches rapidly, do you find yourself feeling that familiar tug to get your boat in the water? Chances are, you would never think of driving your car without car insurance, or buying a house without protecting it with homeowner’s insurance. But, what about your boat? Boat insurance is just as important, because it can protect you against a wide range of hazards. Even when you follow all of the necessary boating safety rules and regulations, one single accident can lead to costly damages and possible injuries.

Watercraft liability is designed to cover injuries and damages up to your policy’s coverage limits for accidents in your boat. If you need legal defense, this can also cover some of those costs. Your insurance policy should also provide coverage for medical payments to help with medical expenses for you or other occupants of your boat if an injury should occur. Most policies also offer coverage for the boat itself and all typical boating equipment such as anchors, oars and safety gear. Before that first day out on the water, call Stromsoe Insurance Agency to evaluate your insurance options.

Stay Safe this Summer with These Safety Tips

As summer draws near, it is important that you stay safe while having fun. There are a few aspects of summer safety that you should know about.

Pool Safety

If you have a pool, then you are responsible for the safety of others. It is best to have a fence or enclosure around the pool with a lock to keep children and unwanted guests out. You should also keep a first aid kit with a flotation device near the pool. However, you should be sure all toys are out of the water when it is not in use as children may want to go after the toy, which can pose a serious drowning hazard.

BBQ Safety

Nothing says summer like enjoying food off the grill. There are some aspects of grill safety you will want to keep in mind. For instance, make sure that the grill is not too close to the house or near any flammable objects. With this, make sure children are not allowed near the grill so there are no accidents. Be sure to limit alcoholic beverages while grilling as this can be dangerous.

Personal Safety

Wearing sunscreen is important during the summer. Sunburns can lead to skin cancer and are also quite painful. You may also find it helpful to dress yourself and children in UV blocking clothing. You should also make sure you are well hydrated during the summer as dehydration and heat stroke are very dangerous.

To find out more about summer safety and how to protect yourself, contact Stromsoe Insurance Agency today.