BBQ Season is Coming Up, Are You Staying Safe

Now that the days are growing longer and rain is subsiding many of us will return to a favorite summer activity – outdoor cooking. Whether you fuel your grill with gas or charcoal or even electric it is important to remember the following BBQ safety tips.

Always follow the grill manufacturers instructions for BBQ safety.

Make sure your grill is not close to a combustible wall.

Set the BBQ up in a place that is open and free from blowing leaves and other debris.

Set the BBQ grill up so that it is level and away from hanging branches, deck walls or rails, siding or any other material that can catch fire.

Always have a fire extinguisher in reach just in case a flash fire from grease gets out of control. A bucket of sand is a good alternative to a fire extinguisher.

Use long handled barbeque tools with wooden handles for cooking tools.

Never wear loose fitting of flowing clothing when around a BBQ, it could blow into the grill area and catch on fire.

Children should never be unsupervised around a grill that is in use or still hot.

Follow these easy safety tips and have a wonderful BBQ season!

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